Events in IS Primary

Issue 29: 19/5/2023 International Stream From the Principal

Early Years Sports Days

A huge thank you to Mr Pincott for organising four Early Years cross-stream sports days for our youngest learners at FIS. They were fun-filled and action packed.  Thank you to all the parents who attended and for taking part in the parent race!

IS Primary Parent Forum Term Three

Last week we had our final forum of this academic year. The support from class parents and parent representatives is much appreciated. A PDF copy of the slide deck is in the parent portal: MyLFIS - IS Primary - Parent forums.

Topic include

  1. IPC 2023/24 units
  2. IS Primary curriculum alignment across campus
  3. JL Renovation phase three
  4. FIS IS Primary Assessment and Reporting Workshop
  5. Key dates and Year Six Graduation

FIS  Family Fun Fair and 60th Anniversary Art Exhibitions

Ross Armitage
Primary Principal (International Stream)