Francophonie Week: Notre Playlist 2023 !

Issue 22: 17/3/2023 French Stream, International Stream Blue Pool Road News (Reflections and Achievements) Y7, Y8, Y9, Y10, Y11, Y12, Y13, 6ème, 5ème, 4ème, 3ème, 2nde, 1ère, Terminale

The FIS 2023 French Songs Playlist has arrived!

Our playlist is once again,

eclectic ...totally,

light... mostly,

committed... a little,

nostalgic ...sometimes,

incomplete ...necessarily!

From the accents of Africa, to the expressions of Quebec, through France, Belgium...

From new songs to covers, going through the years from Josephine Baker to Clara Luciani...

Everyone should, we hope, find his happiness ...

Good listening to all,

BPR students, Xavier COSTANTINI and the BPR School Life.