French Stream Primary Update

Issue 21: 10/3/2023 French Stream From the Principal

This week has been rich in projects around literature on the three primary campuses.

We were delighted to see the pupils very enthusiastic and eager to see the story of the Big Bad Fox, which they had discovered in class, come to life in the hands and voice of the artist. We were also able to collect some of their testimonies: they were very sensitive to the humour of the story and its nice moral.

All the students had the opportunity to meet authors from all over the world at the Hong Kong Literature Festival. This was an opportunity for our students to learn more about the process of creating a children's book.

And to end the week in a festive way, we all, adults and children, stopped for 15 minutes to read together.

Meriem Belhadj
Principal of Primary Campuses and Studies (French Stream)