Team work is the key

Issue 20: 24/2/2023 International Stream From the Principal

The last week before breaking up for any holiday period is always a very busy, intense and rushed time for any member of staff who has a responsibility post in any school organisation.  Other community members - other staff, students as well as parents - seem to save up requests for work to be done until the very last minute and we find ourselves rushing to meet these demands before we can also take time to breath and reset like everyone else.

For this reason Monsieur Pierru, Proviseur of the French Stream Secondary division, and myself were very impressed with the enthusiatic response that our subject department heads showed in an after school gathering that we asked them to attend this week. They were tasked in term 1 of the academic year to look at where subjects already work together to allow for shared experiences for French Stream and International Stream students, and then discuss possibilities for future opportunities to make this happen.  This involved around 25 members of staff, all of whom were able to report an already impressive list of joint activities but also describe some of the future plans they would like to develop for the Academic Year 2023/24.

As in all things in life, two heads are better than one.  Teamwork is all important in a growth mindset organisation, and I can certainly attest to the fact that FIS has a healthy teamworking, collaborative atmosphere amongst staff from both streams.  Our subject leaders will continue to work on their plans, and the main beneficiaries of course will be your children - our students.

Mark Williams
Principal Secondary School International Stream | Proviseur du secondaire (Filière internationale)