Latin American Garden at TKO

Issue 20: 24/2/2023 Tseung Kwan O News (Reflections and Achievements) 4ème , , , , , ,

Quinoa, peanuts, avocado, chili peppers, pineapple, tomato, potato and even some varieties of strawberries are native to Latin America… and now they can also be found growing in the TKO garden, thanks to the work of 4ème Spanish students.

In the first phase of this interdisciplinary project, in addition to learning new food names and working with instructions in Spanish, the students created an explanatory infographic for each species that will soon be available for viewing by all visitors through a QR code printed on wood panels that our young gardeners will make in Technology class.

Knowing where food comes from and observing its evolution from seed to plant is an exercise that not only brings us closer to nature, but also makes us more aware of the importance of ecology in the world we create together.

Stay tuned for future updates on this project!

Spanish Team