Voices of Children – Charity Gala at Soho House

Issue 13: 16/12/2022, Issue 15: 13/1/2023 , , Blue Pool Road News (Reflections and Achievements) Y11, 2nde, Terminale

The gala ‘Voices of Children’ was conceived as a performance project to raise money for children affected by the war in Ukraine. All Children must be protected, supported, and loved. As teachers and parents, we teach our children many things. But our most important role is to nurture, guide, and support them. The next generation will, unfortunately, inherit this messy world. We must strive to make them understand their privilege; teach them empathy; model compassion; encourage them to be generous with their time and talents; finally, be brave and uses their voices to make a difference and safeguard the dignity of human life.

Ms Veronica Rowley, a drama specialist at FIS, invited several talented students to perform at the gala in collaboration with Ms Venus Villa, Ms Cindy Jourdain, Ms Katya Virshilas, and their vocational dance students. Under the direction of these talented and generous international performing artists, the students raised over 133K, which was then donated to The Voices of Children Foundation.

The Voices of Children Foundation has been helping children affected by war since 2015. They provide non-stop assistance to affected children and families all over the world, through evacuation processes, psychological and psychosocially support, and assisting them to overcome the brutal consequences of armed conflict.

Bravo to the following creative, generous and exemplary FIS Students!

Veronica Rowley
English/Drama Teacher French Section