Anthropology Workshop with Dr Michael Rivera (HKU) – FIS alumnus

Issue 13: 16/12/2022 Blue Pool Road News (Reflections and Achievements) Y7, Y8, Y9, Y10, Y11, Y12, Y13

On Thursday, 8th December, Dr Michael B.C. Rivera, an anthropologist and lecturer at Hong Kong University, visited FIS. He is actually an FIS alumnus (2009) and went on to get his PhD from the University of Cambridge.

He and his students Athena, Chloe, Katie, and Robin conducted a 1-hour workshop with the Year 10 biology students during class time.

During the workshop, we briefly discussed various topics of anthropology, including natural selection, variation, and gene mutation. Dr Rivera’s students explained these ideas in a clear, concise manner and raised simple yet helpful examples in their slideshow to aid our classmates in understanding the concepts better. They also led our classmates through a series of fun, interactive activities such as ‘Never Have I Ever’, ‘Telephone’ and ‘Kahoot’ for us to consolidate this knowledge.

The workshop was great fun, with lots of thoughtful questions and answers from our classmates as well as the guest speakers. The experience was overall quite eye-opening, as the session gave us a great opportunity to explore more sub-biology topics. On behalf of Year 10, we would like to thank Dr Rivera, Athena, Chloe, Katie, and Robin for offering us deeper insight into anthropology and letting us broaden our horizons on the subject.

Written by Briella Chow, Emily Fung, and Sarah Hussain (Class 10A)

Archana Relan
Leader of learning (Science)