Update from the Board of Directors

Issue 10: 25/11/2022 Board Matters

The Board of FIS meets every third Monday of the month (term time only). We are fully committed to demonstrating transparency and aligned with this, we will be continuing to share an update with you here monthly.

Last Monday’s Board meeting focused on a presentation by our exam and orientation team on our university admissions. FIS has six dedicated employees who support our students in their choice and application process. The presentation was an opportunity to celebrate the quality and diversity of our students’ university pathways, and also to educate the Board on the current changes and challenges happening in the University landscape in the UK, France, North America and the rest of the world. A few conclusions were:

It was noted that our orientation team would continue to work with our Communications team to inform the community even prior to high school, help share the success stories of our students, and initiate a reflection on the growing number of applications per student that does not contribute to better outcomes, while putting undue pressure on students themselves and the resources of the school.

Parents have access to a complete set of data on our admissions results on our website []

Yesterday, Thursday 24th November, the Board held an Exceptional General Meeting (EGM) for Corporate debenture holders which was an opportunity to complete the governance reform process started three years ago: three corporate board directors were elected and will join the Board starting 1st December. Please join us in welcoming them to FIS Board:

  1. Ms Sylvia Meerschaut, Dragages HK, Regional HR Director
  2. Mr Hatem Ben Amor, BNP Paribas, Head of APAC Strategic Planning
  3. Mr Luke Liang Kwok, Schneider Electric APAC, Associate General Counsel

Please feel free to reach out to the Board by emailing

Hervé Robin
Board Chair