CPE Math Scavenger Hunt

Issue 8: 11/11/2022 French Stream Tseung Kwan O News (Reflections and Achievements) CP Sport, mathématiques, chasse au trésor

CPE students on the TKO campus participated in a math scavenger hunt. In teams, they searched for the math treasure, scattered throughout several locations in the school. The goal: collect as many coins as possible and total 500 points for the class.

All the students, and the parents of the class who volunteered, ran as fast as they could to collect all the coins.

After catching their breath, everyone counted the number of points earned, based on the value of the coins. All five teams scored over 100 points each, and some scored over 200!

All the students and their parents had a great time. The students won the treasure surprise: a special Halloween movie.

Clémence Antone
Professeure des école