The return of Jordan Hatter: Voices of Syria

Issue 6: 21/10/2022 International Stream Blue Pool Road Notices (Upcoming Events) Y9, Y12, Y13

“People will not remember what you did for yourselves, but for what you did for others.” This is the life motto of Jordan Hattar, a humanitarian and social advocate for Syrian refugees, who speaks regularly in schools around Asia. We are pleased to have Jordan return to FIS next week (he was with us in 2019, before the Covid era!) to share his inspiring journey as a young man to work in Syrian refugee camps.  Those of you who do not know Jordan, please go to this YouTube video to watch him speak to students in Korea about his work with people for whom life has been turned upside down by the ravages of a civil war.  We are sure that our year 9, 12 & 13 students will again draw inspiration from his words.

Mark Williams
Principal International Stream Secondary School