Drawing, inventing, creating

Issue 04: 7/10/2022 Blue Pool Road News (Reflections and Achievements) Terminale

Like Victor Hugo who had an interest in ink stains, or Leonardo da Vinci who suggested to his students to nourish their imagination, to observe the stains on the walls or the convolutions of the clouds in the sky, visual Arts students in terminal allowed themselves to be guided by the forms thus generated by chance. These are all potentially creative materials that could fuel what could be called an art of invention.  In order to consider drawing as a finished project, they must first experiment as much as possible, dare and understand that the practice of drawing is more present than ever in contemporary art. Before discovering their finished project, enjoy their experiments often full of surprises.  To follow in the next Bulletins and on creART852, our virtual art gallery.

Isabelle Bezançon