1ère students participate in the SES book prize

Issue 07: 28/10/2022 Blue Pool Road News (Reflections and Achievements) 1ère

This year our 1ère students will once again be participating in the SES high school book prize, led by Mr Guillaume Clément, SES Teacher. This is a national prize, organized every year by SES teachers, in association with the website Liens Socio, Lectures, the magazine Alternatives Economiques, the daily newspaper Enjeux Les Echos and the MGEN.

At FIS, a first meeting was organised and held on Wednesday, 26th October, during the lunch break, with a dozen 1ère students, all volunteers, and all taking the SES specialisation. Afterwards, this group will meet regularly, in order to read the books, give their opinions, and establish a ranking in order to participate in the national vote for the prize.

Books in the selection:

The 2022-2023 selection includes eight books chosen by Christian Chavagneux (Alternatives Economiques), Héloïse Lhérété (Sciences Humaines), Dominique Méda (professor of sociology at Paris-Dauphine) and Jézabel Coupey-Soubeyran (professor of economics at Paris I).

These eight books are:

Guillaume Clement
SES Teacher