Navigating the school’s online portals / FISCA Meet & Greet Invite

Issue 3: 30/9/2022 FISCA

Hello FIS Community Members,

We are hearing positive news from all sides - how exciting for Hong Kong to be moving forwards! We can’t wait to have family and friends come and visit us from abroad again and to travel and explore the world ourselves. 

The beginning of the term always brings an array of information, and it is sometimes difficult to map your way through all the details. FISCA is here to help you!

Our school has several different platforms; the following will be your essential guides throughout the year:

Direct Email

Check your email boxes every Friday for the latest school Bulletin with updates from the Head and Deputy Head of School, general news, and, not to forget, the latest FISCA stories! You will also receive occasional direct emails from the Board, finance and other school departments. Check for any emails ending with

FIS Website

This is the school’s public website containing information about admissions, the French and International Stream set-ups, community news, etc., and under ‘Quicklinks’, the school calendar, FAQ and the button to enter the parent portal called Engage.

Engage (Parent Portal)

Please log in to Engage with your personal details, which you will have received from the school at the beginning of the term. This portal provides an inbox where you will find messages from, e.g. the health team, the ECA (extracurricular activities) team, Vie Scolaire, etc. 

At the top of your Engage page, you can click on the tab named ‘My Actions’. This tab offers ample important information on, e.g. the ECA programme and sign-up info, and under ‘My LFIS’, the internal portal, information on, e.g. the school bus, canteen, uniform, school supplies and textbooks, school governance, health and security, etc. 

From the ‘My Actions’ tab, you can link straight to a further platform titled Pronote.

Pronote (French Stream only)

You can log in to Pronote with the personal details provided to you by the school at the beginning of the term. Each child and each set of parents will have their own personal login details. You will be consulting this platform to obtain your child’s school timetable, grades and report cards, the teacher’s contact details, etc., and regular messages from the school regarding your child’s specific curriculum.

Google Classroom

Your child will have personal access to their specific year-group Google Classrooms. This platform provides information regarding their subjects. Students submit their homework assignments through Google Classroom. 

Other platforms

Some French primary classes utilise Seesaw, whereas International primary classes often use Tapestry. Keep your eyes peeled for directions from your individual teachers for more information!

Are you overwhelmed with all this new information? We are more than happy to help you navigate your way through your child’s experience at FIS! 

Whether you have just arrived or have been in Hong Kong forever, please join us for a casual coffee morning where you can mingle, ask questions or share your ideas with us!

Please kindly fill out this form, and we will email you the venue details.

We look forward to meeting many of you soon!

FISCA needs volunteers to operate! Join our team and share your value: operations, marketing, graphic design, editing, social media, event planning, sustainability, hospitality, and well-being - just to name a few of our areas. Contact us at

Everyone is welcome!

Emiko Ito-Gourmelen
FISCA Team Member