Aurora, new High School Council Vice-Chair, shares her testimony

6 January 2021News, Uncategorized

“I was blown away by my election, it was a surprise, I did not expect it. I remember all the details of that day, it was a Wednesday, I jumped for joy and I am still happy.

Quick reminder: What is the High School Council (HSC) and what is the role of the Vice-Chair?

The HSC is the place where high school students are involved in the decisions of the school. The elected representatives represent the students of their school.

The HSC meets several times a year (minimum 3 times a year). The HSC is consulted for several topics related to school life, such as the organisation of studies, the modification of the internal school rules and regulations, the organisation of catering services, the mechanisms for changes in orientation and personalised support, the organization of extra-curricular activities or even the development of spaces reserved for high school students.

The Vice-Chair presents the notices, proposals, and minutes of the HSC to the Board of Directors of The FIS. Everything is then included in the agenda and can be displayed (sign on 7/F next to the “foyer” or via Pronote). The Vice-Chair fulfills her functions of representative of the students, alongside the Head of the School.

Standing in this election was very important to me to be fully involved in the life of the school. Being Class Representative of Seconde and a former member of the Lower Secondary Council it was natural that I would want to continue this path in High School.

This year being special because of the virus, some projects will unfortunately not be carried out. We had to adapt – here are the projects we are working on for the school:

Establishment of a group system for sports activities to strengthen the links between the French and International streams; creation of a LGBT Club; creation of a website facilitating the consultation of the courses  to ensure the access to a top quality education to all.

I also have personal proposals that I think will be beneficial to all students, such as an easier access to cellphones, a reorganisation of the space next to the Gymnasium or even setting up eco-responsible projects that will make our school as “green” as possible.

“My role is important and it does not come without responsibilities”

I will remain, throughout the year, open and available to all students so that their voices are heard by the highest authorities of the school. I thus will get involved in projects that will make our school a dynamic and pleasant place to evolve-in.

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