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Year 11 students had their Cambridge final exam in Art & Design on April 20, supervised by their Visual Art teacher Mrs. I Bezançon on BPR Campus.

They carried out their own research, planning and investigation of ideas to develop their own personal response about one starting point among the following:

“Leaves, petals and roots”, “Getting Ready”, “By the Road” or “Fractured”.

In addition to the work they produced during the 8 hours supervised test, they had to submit up to two A2 sheets of supporting studies showing how they had developed their ideas and attempted different outcomes during the preparatory period.

They were inspired by many artists such as Norman Rockwell, Edward Hopper, Claude Monet, Jeremy Olson and Takahiro Kimura. Experimenting with portrait and figures, architectural places within various angles and closeup. They also focused on an approach to realism, using techniques such as graphite and color pencils, watercolor and acrylic paints.

The final outcome are beautiful paintings on large scale paper (60x42cm).

Here are short videos about the whole process for each work.

Antonia V. “By the road”
Claire N. “Fractured”
Xavier K. “Getting ready”
Ines T. “Leaves, petals and roots”
Roxena R. “Fractured”
Zoe W. “Fractured”

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