Weather Warnings:

By Emily F. Y9A

For a long time, cartoons and comics were deemed thieves and villains. They stole studying time from school children and steered them away from “proper” literature. Mr Matt Smith, a professional comic artist and a filmmaker, has proved these preconceived notions wrong during his virtual visits to FIS in the second half of January.

Mr Smith provided greater insight to 9A on how comics can be an effective communication tool in conveying key messages, simplifying complicated stories and retaining the reader’s attention. His passion and positive energy were infectious, and his sense of humor had everyone in the class captivated.

In a series of eight video sessions, we learned how to dissect and analyse a comic page. Different camera angles may convey effects or emotions; colour could emphasise the presence of a character, whereas speech balloons can add an extra dimension to the storyline. Mr Smith also explained how sound effects and music can indicate mood and evoke emotional responses in movies. In our closing session with him, many of us revealed our creative sides when designing our very own six-paneled comics.

Despite the workshop being virtual, the conferences were immensely interactive, with lots of thoughtful questions from our classmates and constructive feedback from him.

Without a doubt, Mr Smith has opened the door for us into the world of comics, helping us perceive comics with a wholly different mindset, and come away with a new appreciation for their ability to inspire. On behalf of 9A, I would like to give our whole-hearted thanks to Mr Smith for his time and efforts.