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On the initiative of TKO’s Vie Scolaire and spread over all our campuses, last week was Kindness Week at FIS.

On our primary campuses, a kindness tree was planted and its leaves grew, bearing compliments and small positive messages from our students. 

At TKO, the friendship bench in the playground, painted by the CP-Y2s, was a great success. The 3ème were given “good luck” keyrings by the MS, and posters of encouragement by the GS, on the eve of their brevet exams, a great moment of emotion for our future “lycéens”! 

TKO Vie Scolaire visited several classes to discuss the consequences of bullying through the “bullied apple” experiment. The TKO and CW health services also organised the “Feelings” game to learn how to share emotions. At CW, students were also able to play the “mystery benefactor game”.

All campuses were adorned with posters, texts, quotes on kindness, a wonderful example is the Kindness installation in the MS/RC agora at TKO.

here are more activities held during the Kindness week.

  • The steps of BPR campus were decorated with words related to kindness, in French and English.
  • The JL campus communicated a lot through video, offering 5 short films to be shown in the classrooms and Vie Scolaire, the canteen monitors, the bus mothers and few other members of the staff made a 4-minute film. Based on the idea of the films shown by the airlines before take-off, they used a playful and humorous tone to explain what can and cannot be done on the buses and to talk about respect for adults and other children. The film JL Busline was shown in English and French in the classrooms.
  • TKO and BPR 3ème and Middle School students made beautiful badges and sold them, raising 11,697 HKD for ImpactHK!
  • The students of TKO CE2-CM1-CM2-Y3-Y4, and some classes of BPR and JL, had the chance to talk with the founder of ImpactHK, who explained the living conditions of the homeless in HK, and how kindness can help our society.
  • On the initiative of 2 Y3C students, a food collection for Feeding HK also took place on TKO campus, and 724 kg of food were delivered to them.

Well done everyone, thank you and always keep in mind that “kindness matters”!