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We are looking forward to welcoming you and your friends to the IB Visual Arts Exhibition 2021.

The IB diploma programme Visual Arts course encourages students to challenge their own creative and cultural expectations and boundaries.

Ava C. and Gabriel W. have been committed to this course at High Level.

They also have been very creative and passionate about it, despite the situation in Hong Kong and at school with online sessions. They never quit! Both had explored their identity and questioned themselves about who they are.

About Ava:

Ava has explored her feelings of disillusionment and loss in a city: Helsinki, where she lived for years before coming to Hong Kong. Her own identity has been impacted by a huge number of things growing up – by her cultural roots, by her constant moves from wildly different places, by her religious upbringing, by her consumption of media, by societal expectations of traditional and non-traditional femininity, and most of all by the amount of love she has experienced in her life. This exhibition is an exploration of all the most important parts of who she is, how she perceives herself and everything that has shaped who she is today.

About Gabriel:

“Study the past, if you would divine the future.” Confucius. This quote is very much the idea on which Gabriel built his exhibit, the idea of what comes next and what makes you who you are; the building blocks of one’s identity. In his exhibition, he attempts to showcase the main areas of his identity to have a reflection on his life so far to prepare him for his future as an adult. With such a rich theme he was able to display original works. He went through an art journey on his personal life. “Lady with a Colette”, inspired from Leonardo da Vinci’s: “Lady with an Ermine”, is a tribute to his mother to show the importance he holds on family and legacy.

Exhibition until April 23 2021, 5th Floor, BPR Campus.