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Congratulations to a very talented team of students from both the French and International sections hailing from all three of our campuses, who competed admirably in the annual reading competition coming in a very hotly contested third place. Hear about the experience in their own words…

“In the Battle of Books, or BoB, twenty fantastic books are chosen each year, and the people who join read as many of these books as possible. You have to try to remember little details about the books to answer questions in the competition.

The books were great, and we could really get into the character’s world – it was as if we were truly there. There were crazy adventures, heartwarming stories, scary tales and all kinds of magical objects.

We all worked really hard, practicing day by day, reading the books, enjoying them and soaking up details. The whole process was extremely enjoyable and thrilling.

A few students from the three FIS campuses, Chai Wan, Jardine’s lookout,  and TKO were chosen to represent FIS. This year, the team members were: Angie A., Euan T., Margaux P., Luna L., Ana L., Josephine L., Aurelia R., Ishika K.,  Alice Y. and Giulia P.

When the day of the competition arrived, we were all very nervous but at the same time, ecstatic.  We were against  five other schools for the semi-finals, through zoom because of COVID-19.

We were all seated at a big table concentrating but enjoying the moment. When it was our turn to compete, we were all paying attention to our team members and listening to each other, and we had twenty second to discuss. When we all agreed on a book, our spokesperson would call out the answer. It was exhilarating!

In the end, we came in third place, and that was amazing even if we did not make it into the finals, we had a great time. It was a wonderful experience, and we were lucky to have the opportunity. All of us agreed that we would definitely do it again next year!”.

Ishika K. (JL Campus) and Giulia P. (TKO Campus)