This June, a group of thirty-four year nine students (and four teachers; Mr. Burt, Mme. Gauthier, Mrs. Bogart, and Mr. Joly Christophe), went on a trip to France. 

We arrived on the 2nd and left on the 18th. We began our trip with a three day stay in Paris; this was mostly spent visiting museums (like the Louvre and Musée d’Orsay), other tourist attractions (like the Conciergerie and the Sacré-Cœur), or walking around the city to take it in.

After Paris, we took an overnight train to get to the South (an interesting experience), where we arrived in Cannes. It took us the rest of that day (going through Cannes to Cap d’Ail) to make it down to the centre where we were staying (the CMEF; Centre Méditerranéen d’Études Françaises).

In the south, every two days, we were split up into two different groups. One of these groups would go sailing (or paddle-boarding/kayaking/dragon boating if there was no wind) and the other would go around visiting the south. We visited many interesting places; including the Chagall museum, Nice vieille ville, different archaeological sites… and learnt a lot! Towards the end, we began doing things as a full group e.g. visiting Monaco and Menton.

Overall, this was an incredibly fun and memorable experience and not only do we all miss it, but will remember it for years to come!