Update about our Tseung Kwan O Campus

from Mr Arnaud de Surville, Chairman of the Board

We are delighted to share the good news that we have appointed Henning Larsen Architects & AGC Design as our architects for our Tseung Kwan O campus. During the thorough review and comprehensive selection process, we involved members of the Executive Committee, had AEFE representation, and the involvement of the School Leadership Team. We are very excited about the chosen design and Henning Larsen Architects & AGC Design were able to show their experience and know-how about building a campus that will allow our children to learn in a stimulating and engaging environment.

Let’s imagine… 18.000m2 floor area on an 8.200m2 land (3 times bigger than BPR!), 5 levels with large corridors and staircases, 3 main playgrounds and many more areas to study, chat, play and rest!
Not to mention the state-of-the-art sport facilities: a big swimming pool, a huge gymnasium, a 300-seat auditorium and even a botanical garden that will be run by the children themselves! The canteen will be vast too, enabling 2 shifts (only!) at lunch time to accommodate 1.000 students. Sounds like the dream school!

What about location & access? A short 5 minutes’ walk from the TKO MTR station, a new bus stop will be set up close to the main entry in order to meet FIS’s needs.
To make a long story short, the result promises to be awesome! A green, spacious and innovative school. What else?

Looking forward to being there? Well, September 2018 is not that far away and until then we need your support as this dream school will require us to fundraise in earnest… But trust us, it will be well worth it