Kindness Week 2018

From 12 to 15 February International Stream students will spread Kindness for Kindness Week

This whole week of events around Kindness is linked to the PSHE curriculum in the International Stream and is student-led by the Year 12 students as part of their IB CAS programme.

We have a fun programme planned to highlight the importance of kindness in our lives … leave a message on the kindness tree, get a free hug or come to the yoga session!

And don't forget to come along to witness our volunteers having their heads shaved on 13 February at 12:00 noon at the Foyer (7/F at BPR)!

Last but not least join us on 15 February for our Sponsor Walk.

All funds raised during the week are in support of our charity St Baldrick's Foundation - click here to donate and find out more!