IPC Updates: 2019-2020 Term 1

Here is a selection of the various IPC projects (and shared projects with the French stream) that have taken place at FIS since the beginning of the school year.


More pictures of Term 1 IPC here.


Who am I? Y1 (Jardine’s)

By learning about ourselves and each other, we are able to celebrate our differences whilst also seeing all the things that we have in common. We are all individuals, but together we make up a wider community - one that should support and respect one another.


[Shared Project] This is me! RC/MS and GS/Y1 (TKO)

Our pupils completed their first shared project for the year, “This Is Me.” The students looked within and shared with us the things they love. Each house created unique art to capture their students' personalities and allow them to express themselves.

The exit points were a wonderful success with parents and students coming together to explore both agorae. 



Brainwave -Y2 (Jardine’s)

The Y2 pupils dissected jelly brains, practised skills and designed an obstacle course and then competed in the Super Spark Challenge. Theymade special Knowledge + Skills glasses, as well as model brains from play dough. And they sang songs to celebrate their learning!


[Shared project]  Five pillars of the Agora - CP/Y2 (TKO)

For their first shared project of the year, our TKO CP/Y2 pupils worked around the 5 pillars of their agora: cooperation, self-evaluation, engagement, respect and organisation. They also practised yoga and mindfulness.

The exit point was centred around a giant yoga and mindfulness session with all 125 children and almost as many parents, followed by a joyful gathering where the latter could discover the work done by their children since the beginning of the year.


Chocotopia - Y3 (Jardine’s)

Over the course of 8 weeks, the Y3A and B pupils have learned all about chocolate.

On October 25th, during their exit point, they presented their findings (along with their very own homemade, flavoured chocolate!) to other year groups, parents and staff. It was a delicious and wonderful time!


How Humans Work - Y3 (TKO)

The TKO Y3 pupils had great fun ending their topic designing and creating healthy smoothies. They got to use their chopping, grating and peeling skills to cut up lots of different fruit and vegetables to then blend and make a smoothie. They then invited their star guest, Mrs Payne, to come and taste them all with us. Fun was had by all.