IPC Updates: 2017-2018 Term 1

Year 6 – IPC 'Fitness For Life'

Our bodies are the most valuable thing we will ever own which is why Year 6 have been investigating how best to keep their bodies fit and healthy.

In our Exit Point, parents were invited into school for a personal tour of the circulatory and digestive systems, joining in some fitness classes and learning how to make healthy snacks.

Year 5 - IPC 'Fit for Life'

Year 5 looked at diet and exercise and how they affect our body.

In art, we created statues that represented this. Body image was also explored along with a food diary and healthy eating food diary. In physical education, we looked at our endurance by completing bleep tests. In science, we explored different ways to improve our fitness levels. 

We also wrote a song to promote healthy eating. Here are some of the children performing their song at our exit point. 

Year 4 – IPC ‘What’s On The Menu?’

Year 4 shared their work from the unit ‘What’s On The menu?’ with parents just before Christmas. The children’s learned knowledge and understanding of how food is produced and prepared, the journey of food from field to plate and the marketing to sell food culminated in the children designing their own restaurant with their own menu.

The children loved the process and worked really well in groups.

Year 1 – IPC “We are what we eat”

Students and parents of Year 1C & D in HH had a great time tasting foods from around the world during their International Food Fair celebrating the exit point of ‘We Are What We Eat’. Thank you to all of the parents for coming in to share this learning experience with us and a special thank you to the volunteer parents who prepared some very tasty foods!

Year 1D swapped pencils for aprons during their recent visit to Pizza Express. The visit was part of their IPC unit ‘We Are What We Eat’. The children had a great time learning how to make pizza and we certainly have some future chefs among us!

Year 3 host Chocotopia!

The two Y3 classes held their IPC exit point Chocotopia on Friday 1 December. Over the course of the last 6 weeks, the Year 3 have learned all about chocolate, and presented their findings (along with their very own home-made, flavoured chocolate!) to other year groups, parents and staff.  If you don’t know where and when famous chocolate bars we love eating today were created, then stop a Year 3 child and find out the answer! 

Reception – IPC “This is me”

RC enjoyed sharing their first IEYC Exit Point for the Unit “This is me” with their parents. Activities included a special celebration for our classpet, labelling body parts, finger printing, writing our names, showing our parents that we know how to look after babies in our role play area, building homes for small world toys and more!...we had such a great time! 

Year 1 – IPC “We are what we eat”

As part of their next IPC topic 'We Are What We Eat', Year 1 C & D in Hung Hom had a lovely visit to the 'FIS Cafe'! They enjoyed some freshly baked croissants from our super chef Mr. Stephen. A big thank you to Ms. Emeline and Ms. Bush for their hard work in transforming our canteen.

Year 2 – IPC “Live and Let Live”

As part of our IPC unit on Live and Let Live, Year 2 ventured out to explore our local flora and fauna which makes up our ecosystem on a 3.14km hike from our school to Wong Nai Chung Reservoir and back again.  The children posed many simple scientific questions, gathered information from their surroundings and collected evidence through observations, measurements and samples along the way.

Armed with clip boards, pencils and magnifying glasses, we set out to discover the natural delights that awaited us … from the streams, different types of trees, beautiful tree canopies, butterflies and the mini-beasts that keep the bush in a healthy existence and the different types of life above and below the water in the reservoir. The children had their senses excited! 

A couple of challenges the children mastered whilst walking through the undergrowth included navigating the spectacular tree roots that created natural steps leading us through a small stream … exhilarating stuff!  Climbing between boulders saw our team work and cooperation skills jump into action as children helped one another to manage the obstacles.