From the 19th November at 9am, until the 20th November at 9am, three teams consisting of 24 FIS students took part in the Hong Kong 24 Hour Race. The race took place on Lugard Road on the Peak, and aimed to raise awareness about atrocities around the world concerning human trafficking and slavery.

Thanks to the hard work the students put into fundraising, including bake sales, the three FIS teams managed to raise over HKD$50,000!

The runners ran one at a time around the Lugard Road track which was approximately 3.2km. Overall, the boys’ team came 8th, with the girls’ teams coming in 21st and 25th out of 103 teams. Although the race was both physically and mentally demanding, all the students participating had a fantastic time, and we hope that FIS will continue to participate. We can’t wait for next year!