Behind the scenes at COUTURE

Many months of hard work are required to make the annual COUTURE show a success!

By Katherine P.

As Event and Sponsor Manager for COUTURE 2018, I’ve been in charge of venue hunting, obtaining sponsorships, managing finances, working with our charity, Redress and more! It’s definitely a lot of work but the amount of exposure I’ve had to what it is really like to work “in the real world” has made it all worthwhile.

I’ve approached and liaised with individuals from students and the school administration, to Managers of global corporates and NGOs. The size and scale of the event has made teamwork a crucial part of this project. We all, as a team, have a lot to do but I’ve realised that coordination and communication between members has been the key to staying on top of our work.  There have definitely been stressful times and there is still plenty of work to do for the show in March but with the team, designers, models, artists and support we’ve got, I am certain Couture will be a spectacular night for all to enjoy and remember!

COUTURE will take place on Saturday 24 March in the Auditorium at JL Campus.

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