COUTURE - a few tickets left!

Couture is a charity fashion show organized and hosted by students in the French and International streams at FIS.

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COUTURE is a charity fashion show involving a team of 18 students from both the French and International streams, led by Art Director, Isabelle Bezançon, and Event and Sponsor Manager, Katherine Page from Year 13.  This long term, creative project has given students the opportunity to develop their skills in different aspects of event, media and talent management as well as broaden the artistic horizons of young individuals. The hard work of all involved will result in an entertaining, all-inclusive show to be enjoyed by all in attendance.


Final preparations for the Big Night ...

The students can't wait to show you their collections - they are fine-tuning the details and getting ready to surprise you!

See you Saturday !


In support of Redress, FIS is participating in a second clothing drive – read about the first one here! Drop off donations of unwanted / old clothes in the red collection boxes at BPR (G/f and 5/f) before the 28 March – it’s for a great cause!


Tickets are on sale !

Click here to buy your seat. Three options are available: 

  • Greta Garbo seat at HK$350 including 1 complementary non-alcoholic drink and 1 sweet treat
  • Joséphine Baker seat at HK$550 including 1 complementary non-alcoholic / alcoholic drink and food delights
  • Coco Chanel seat at HK$800 including free-flow refreshments, 1 box of delights and 1 goodie bag


The venue is confirmed ! Our exclusive fashion show will take place in our campus at Jardine's Auditorium, 34 Price Road, Jardine's Lookout


Many months of hard work are required to make the annual COUTURE show a success! Read what Katherine's role involves here.


This year’s theme is the ROARING TWENTIES, whereby garments will be inspired by the glamour and vivacity of the 1920s. Supported by high-end fashion brands including La Foundation Hermés and Emmanuel F, the night will showcase collections from young, distinctive designers, a garment collection from Redress, as well as Couture’s Les Trophées de la Mode, a wearable dress competition whereby students compete for the most innovative, striking design made only from recycled materials. 

The evening is in support of environmental NGO Redress – a two-year long partner, whom we work with towards our mutual goal of reducing waste in the fashion industry. Redress is incorporated in every step of the Couture journey; last November, we joined Redress in their Get Redressed x Miele Clothing Drive 2017. The organisation collected in total 4, 5 tons of clothes, shoes and accessories! In December, we visited Redress’ Workshop and this March, Redress will also be partaking in COUTURE 2018, showcasing some of their innovational, sustainable designs.


Model Auditions: Blue Pool Rd, Saturday 25 November 2017, 2:30pm to 6pm
Couture is looking for young, talented and committed individuals to showcase our avant garde designs and make the show a memorable one for all! Details on Facebook here

Talent Auditions: Blue Pool Rd, Saturday 25 November 2017, 1:30pm to 2:30pm
This is your chance to showcase your talent at Couture 2018 so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and show us what you’ve got! Details on Facebook here

Designer Auditions: Submissions by 8 January 2018

Couture is looking for people who are ARTISTIC, VISIONARY and ORIGINAL to present 5-6 garments inspired by this year’s theme: The Roaring Twenties. So take on the challenge and have a chance to showcase your talent at Couture 2018! Interested? Contact couturelfis@gmail.com for rules, details and questions if you have any!