Language learning

Language learning is at the heart of our educational vision, for students in both the French and international streams

The objective of FIS is for all of our students to complete their schooling with a perfect command of at least English and French. This is why we offer several different language courses, depending on the class, campus and student learning level.

A unique bilingual environment

For Francophones, an education at FIS is a guarantee that their children will maintain an excellent level of oral and written French while learning English intensively in class and during extra-curricular activities.

In the International stream, non-French speakers give their children the unique opportunity to be continuously exposed to the French language while following a "traditional" international curriculum.  Our international students usually leave the school having attained native level in both languages, which allows them, if they wish, to pursue their higher education in France.

The two streams that make up our school provide an exceptional mix and immerse our students in a unique multicultural environment, with more than 40 nationalities represented. English and French often become interchangeable between students in the playground or canteen and bilingualism, or even trilingualism, is common.


Learning French in the international stream

You don’t need to speak French to study at the Lycée Français International!

At primary level, FIS’ international stream offers its students 2 distinct courses depending on their age and their campus:

  1. "Traditional curriculum with reinforced French": students follow the traditional IPC curriculum and have between 4 and 5 weekly classes of French as a foreign language
  2. "Immersive Bilingual" curriculum: students are taught French as a foreign language (in half-groups for some classes) and classes are co-taught by an anglophone and francophone teacher.  Specific project sessions and play times are shared with students in the French stream.

At secondary level, French courses remain compulsory, with 4 different levels ranging from beginners to French as a "mother tongue" to adapt to the varied profiles and backgrounds of our students. Because the level of language acquired during their time at the FIS is so advanced, many of our students choose to take the prestigious IB Bilingual Diploma at the end of their studies.


Learning English in the French stream

At primary level, FIS offers 3 language pathways depending on the class, campus and the child’s level of English:

  1. "Reinforced English" curriculum: students follow the "traditional" curriculum, as taught in France, with specific additional time dedicated to learning English;
  2. "Immersive Bilingual" curriculum: in addition to the English courses included in the curriculum, English is taught through a split class system, co-teaching (a French teacher and an English teacher in the same lesson) and projects shared with the classes in the international stream. Please note that we are making adjustments to our surroundings to better promote interactions and links between students in the two streams and fluid language learning, particularly with the design of our TKO campus, which has been specifically designed for this type of pedagogy;
  3. "Equal Bilingual Time" (BPH) or "American International Section" (SIA) curriculums: courses are taught equally and alternately by a French teacher and an English teacher. The SIA curriculum also focuses on American culture and literature. Access to these pathways requires approval by teaching staff.

At secondary level, the options are:

  1. "Traditional" course;
  2. European Languages ​​and Cultures Section: this option includes 2 hours of additional courses in "traditional" subjects taught in English (sciences, theatre, etc.) in small groups;
  3. American (secondary school) / OIB (secondary school) Section: This option leads to the Option International Baccalaureate, accredited by the French Ministry of Education and the College Board in the United States.

Learning Mandarin in our two streams

Mandarin lessons are offered to our primary students, either as part of the school curriculum or during extra-curricular activities.

At secondary level, Mandarin is taught at different levels in order to adapt to the variety of student backgrounds:

- For our students in the French stream, there are three levels: 1st language, 2nd language or 3rd language. The Oriental Section is also offered to our secondary school students and leads to the "Mention Orientale" baccalaureate. This section offers an additional 3 hours of language instruction and 2 hours of DNL (Non-Linguistic Discipline) on the History and Geography of China, in Mandarin.

- For our students in the international stream, 2 different Mandarin levels are offered: native language level Mandarin (or very advanced level) or Mandarin as a foreign language.


Other languages ​​taught

In addition to Mandarin, secondary school students have the option of studying Spanish, German and Latin.