The first school in Hong Kong to be authorised as a World IB School in 1988, FIS is proud to announce that its Class of 2021 achieved excellent results at the International Baccalaureate (IB) !

Despite an eventful year, the FIS IB candidates obtained a 100% pass rate and an average score of 37.84 points. Among them, 64% of our students received 35 points or more, and 40% 40 points or more. One student even achieved the amazing performance to receive the full mark of 45 points!

Additionally, 100% of the candidates who entered for the Bilingual Diploma were awarded it, or 24% of all candidates.

As Mr. Ian Clayton, FIS’ Acting Head of School, puts it:

It is necessary but not sufficient to reduce students and schools to numbers and averages. The numbers hide amazing success stories and we are massively proud of everyone, teachers and students!

Congratulations, IB graduates! FIS is proud of you and wishes you a lifetime of happiness and success!