The EDB stipulated in our Chai Wan Tenancy Lease Agreement that the International Stream must have a presence there. As part of the school’s long term Campus Development Plans, the Leadership Team and Board have discussed at length the optimal configuration using our four campus locations to ensure that our students continue to thrive in our school’s learning environment, benefitting from the many advantages of a dual stream education, whilst making sure that we are fully compliant with the EDB. This decision allows us to focus on producing a unique and world class early years experience for both the French and International Streams.

Starting from 2022-2023, a gradual class redistribution will be operated between Jardine’s Lookout and Chai Wan campuses with the main objective of offering dedicated campuses to our student specific needs by September 2023.

As always with these decisions, we have taken a judgement with the current context and the wellbeing and education of our students at the forefront of our minds, as well as considering the long term success and viability of FIS as an acclaimed international school. Of course, we are aware that this decision may not suit all families and for that, we apologise. However, we did not arrive at this decision hastily, nor was the decision taken in isolation.

The design of our Chai Wan campus for the new academic year will reflect this and provide facilities that can change with the times. Our main aim is to create a campus of learning for our Early Years Programmes, both French and International, that will enhance the learning environments and facilities offered to a growing number of students. The campus will be based on the same ‘open-concept’ design as TKO, featuring totally flexible learning spaces fit for purposes that meet the needs of a modern curriculum.

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Wondering how your child may be impacted? Look out the transition process planned for the next years: