Weather Warnings:

Last week, International Stream Primary had a Book Week at both Jardine’s Lookout & TKO campuses.

International Stream

For older students each class had a virtual visit from Marianne Andersen. She read a chapter from her book The Golden Age which links to current IPC units. She also set a writing competition.

For younger students, a visit of Suzanne Younan was organised. She read The Green Dragon and linked it to current IPC units. She set a competition for children to create a piece of art for the main character !

Students were also invited to participate in a read-a-thon competition to raise money for Sunbeam.

Finally, students were invited to dress up as their favourite book character on Friday April 23.

French Stream

The TKO French Stream Primary librarians asked the children to answer the question: How do you read?
Here are their answers in pictures.

Concerning Secondary students on TKO campus, “World Book and Copyright Day” was celebrated on April 23. The librarians gave the students the opportunity to play a virtual escape game. They had 4 missions to complete to find the secret code. The prize was a gourmet reward.
Can’t wait for next year’s edition !