“I did not expect it and I was surprised but above all very happy. It’s a great joy and I will do my best to discover absolutely every facet of this new role.

Reminder: What is the High School Council (HSC) and what is the role of the Vice-Chair?

The HSC is the place where high school students are involved in the decisions of the school. The elected representatives represent the students of their school.

The HSC meets several times a year (minimum 3 times a year). The HSC is consulted for several topics related to school life, such as the organisation of studies, the modification of the internal school rules and regulations, the organisation of catering services, the mechanisms for changes in orientation and personalised support, the organization of extra-curricular activities or even the development of spaces reserved for high school students.

The Vice-Chair presents the notices, proposals, and minutes of the HSC to the Board of Directors of The FIS. Everything is then included in the agenda and can be displayed (sign on 7/F next to the “foyer” or via Pronote). The Vice-Chair fulfills her functions of representative of the students, alongside the Head of the School.

In the HSC our role is to represent the FIS students and to do our best to carry out our projects: we are looking forward to implementing them. Our priority is to try to redevelop a student common room (“foyer”). You will hear more about this soon!

I really enjoy listening to and helping others, and being able to represent and support my lifelong school classmates is a privilege.

I hope this will help me develop my speaking skills and I will do my best to achieve my goals in a methodical and strategic manner. I like speaking in public, I am dynamic, motivated and determined. I have been at FIS my entire life ; I know the school and its functioning well. And above all, I will listen to all students and represent them.

I think it will be important for me to be organised as much as possible to be as efficient as possible. But I’m not worried, I’m looking forward to improving the life of FIS students.

For instance, developing the Health Club is essential. It will allow all students to learn more about our mental health, which is important during these stressful high school years. Sharing with students techniques to try and control their anxiety and find a balance between work and their personal lives.

I would like to thank everyone, I will do my best to improve your daily life. You will not be disappointed!