International Sustainable Development Film Festival 2023

Faced with the magnitude and urgency of the challenges posed by the crossing of planetary boundaries, unbearable inequalities and geopolitical instability, we are convinced that schools have a crucial role to play. It is up to us to educate generations that will be fully aware of the issues at stake and capable of committing themselves collectively to inventing new models of society that are fairer, more balanced, and more respectful of Man and nature.

The International Film Festival on Sustainable Development is an educational project through which middle and high school students can concretely appropriate the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations through the production of films that engage their reflection, their creativity and their ability to lead a collaborative project. It aims to be a sounding board for these projects and encourages the building of partnerships with local actors committed to change.

By inviting other schools to participate in this Festival for the first time, it is our hope that the wealth of reflections and actions carried by the young generations will be reflected and promoted through a network approach. Local actions, finding their place in a global movement; diverse productions, in the issues covered as well as in the ways of addressing them, but all of which fill us with enthusiasm about the capacity of our students to question the world and to use their voices to make it better.

Iv Charbonneau
Festival Director

Programme of Events

TUESDAY 9th MAY | 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

School screening - Jardine’s Lookout auditorium

  • Screening of 3 student films on the theme "memories of conflict" + 1 pro film: Game Changers by Noam Sobovitz (Israel, 2021, 56 min.)
  • Speaker: Jean-Philippe Gry, Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival
  • “Peace” award-giving

TUESDAY 9th MAY | 6:30 pm - 09:00 pm

Opening ceremony - Jardine’s Lookout auditorium

(Open to Public)

  • Refreshments in front of the auditorium, speeches, screening of student films and “Planet” award-giving
  • Q&A with speakers: Laurent Gutierrez, artist, professor at PolyU Hong Kong School of Design, specialist in Transitional Environments Design, co-founder of the regenerative farm R-Farm.

THURSDAY 18th MAY | 09:00 amto 12:00 pm

School screening - TKO auditorium

  • ‘People’ and ‘Prosperity’ award-giving

SATURDAY 20th MAY | 1:30 pm - 07:00 pm

Sustainable Development Film Festival Fair - TKO Campus

(Open to Public)

  • Workshops
  • Exhibitions
  • Screenings
  • Food & Beverage
  • Concerts
  • Grand Jury Prize award-giving
  • Q&A with speaker: Edwin Lau, environmental activist in Hong Kong, founder of the organisation The Green Earth
  • Closing Ceremony