Student Support

Ensuring the welfare of our pupils in an efficient and caring manner is among FIS' priorities

Our Student Services (Vie Scolaire) and Health Services, present on all our 4 campuses, work closely with our teaching teams and the University Guidance department. As they get to interact with the students on a daily basis, their action efficiently contributes towards the students' success, safety and well-being.

Putting our students in the best conditions to succeed

A dedicated team

At FIS, the Student Services team (Vie Scolaire) works with both our Primary and Secondary students, meeting them in the morning as they reach school, monitoring their daily attendance and punctuality and following up on all matters of discipline. They are a precious intermediary between teachers, students and parents and have a close relationship with families. In the international Stream, a comprehensive pastoral care programme is managed by two Directors of Learning.

Additionally, the students develop strong bonds with their form tutors, who offer their guidance and advice throughout their entire Secondary school life.

Educational and academic support

Moreover, if and when necessary, the team coordinates various support or remediation actions in conjunction with the teaching teams, in order to overcome specific, personal difficulties and help each and every student reach their full potential. This Individual Needs Program is organized around two approaches:

  • Academic and methodological support provided by an Educational Assistant, in collaboration with the teacher concerned;
  • Peer tutoring, which comes as an opportunity for lower and upper Secondary students to get involved in a positive way to help out their fellow students.

Civic Education / Health Education

Specific programmes and workshops are organized throughout the school year by the Student Services and Health Services in order to raise awareness on various topics among our Secondary students.  This is done through Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) for the International Stream, or Comité d'éducation à la santé et à la citoyenneté (CESC) for the French Stream students.

Discussed topics are numerous and varied, ranging from public health issues (nutrition, smoking, drugs, sleep, etc.) to more school-related topics, such as bullying, university guidance, learning how to be an organized student, etc.

Ensure collective and personal fulfilment

Health and well-being

Our Health Assistants are an attentive presence to try and detect potential signs of disquiet or malaise and help the students overcome them, while respecting the confidentiality they are bound to. 

With an educational (prevention and Health education) and medical (first aid) role, FIS' Health Assistants play an important part in supporting the students and maintaining a caring environment for them.

Conflict Resolution

In order to deal as efficiently as possible with potential cases of bullying, a dedicated Anti-Bullying cell has been set up at school.

Our approach is centered around the Method of Shared Concern, also known as Pikas Method, for which the staff has received a special training.


Special-needs students

The French Stream closely supervises its students who require special attention, whether for medical or educational reasons:

- students who suffer from a chronic disease;

- students with dyslexia, dysorthographia, dysphasia, dyspraxia or dyscalculia;

- intellectually precocious ("gifted") students;

- disabled students;

- students facing great learning or adaptation difficulties.  

Depending on the student's situation, a Projet d'Accueil Individualisé (PAI) or Plan d'Accompagnement Personnalisé (PAP) can be set up, leading to potential adjustments for the student.

In order to maximise comfort, our students may meet with specialized psychologists, speech therapist, occupational therapist, etc. in our premises on certain days and at certain times. Some specialists may also intervene during class on a temporary or regular basis, collaboratively with the teacher.