IPC Updates: 2018-2019 Term 2

More pictures from Term 2 here.

Exit Point - RC - Going Places

We had a fantastic collaborative Exit Point for our topic Going Places at TKO across RC and MS. Our children learnt about many different countries around the world and we learnt about each other’s nationalities. We made fact files about the different countries, lots of artwork and invited our parents to join us in an international fair. Our parents joined together across RC and MS to set up stalls which represented many countries around the world. They made lots of yummy food and we sampled the local cuisines from many countries.  

Exit Point - Year 4  -  What’s on the menu

Last Friday March 1st Year 4 held their Exit Point for parents from ‘What’s On The menu’ IPC unit. The children shared their knowledge, skills and understanding learnt about the journey of different foods from field to plate, imported and local food, fair trade, the history of food from different historical eras and what a healthy meal looks like. The children also designed their own restaurant and brought in delicious foods associated with their restaurants. They worked in groups and showed fantastic cooperation and communication. The event culminated in an award ceremony.

Exit Point – Y5 – Weather and Climate

Year 5 became geographers in their recent Weather and Climate unit.

They studied weather patterns around the world, climate zones, the water cycle, and clouds. A guest speaker from Hong Kong Observatory came to talk about the effects of climate change. After that, Year 5 children began to look at the causes and effects of climate change, researching ways to change the world. All of their knowledge was brought together in their Weather and Climate Wars exit point where children competed against their parents in a knowledge quiz. This was done in both French and English. The children triumphed 5 out of 5 rounds!

Well done to everyone involved and thank you to parents, teachers, and children for attending. 

RC - "Once upon a time"

The Reception children at Jardine’s Lookout had a special visitor for their Entry Point for our Once Upon A Time topic. “The Man From Once Upon A Time” came to visit us and we did a puzzle to reveal the story he was going to read to us, The Gingerbread Man!  The children really enjoyed having this special visitor in our classroom and we hope he comes to visit us again soon!