"The Gruelling Hour"

Run for the Sunbeam Children’s Foundation

The French International Primary School has supported the Sunbeam Children’s Foundation ( for many years. With the support of our generous parents and students we have helped make a difference to the lives of the children who are in residence at the Sunbeam Children’s Village. Each year the money raised has enabled the children to have experiences and access to equipment and supplies that many of our children take for granted.

For the last three years a team of staff, students and parents from FIS have travelled to Baiwan in Guangzhou to run a week long camp for the Sunbeam children during the summer holiday. This camp was run entirely using donations from fundraising by our FIS family. Our talented volunteers provided activities such as art, drama, dance, cookery, sport, computer science, English, tennis and much more. The students recently watched a video highlighting the wonderful things that took place at our most recent camp in August 2016.

On Wednesday 30th November the students in Year 5 & 6 and the bilingual classes from Chai Wan held an event called ‘The Gruelling Hour’. The students had created teams of five with names and costumes. In their teams they had to run as many times as possible in an hour around the football pitch at Chai Wan Park. Only one team member was allowed on the track at a time. Staff and parent volunteers also took part, dressing up and running with the students. Luckily the sun was shining and everybody enjoyed this fantastic event! 

You can see the photos here