Exchange with a high school in Shanghai

As part of our annual exchange programme with the Xiang Ming High School in Shanghai, we had the pleasure of welcoming our Shanghai partners to Hong Kong when 18 students from Year 7 accompanied by 2 teachers, Mr Hao and Mrs Yuan, visited at the end of January.

For one week, they were able to discover some of Hong Kong’s treasures such as Wanchai, Lantau Island and the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. They also took part in some classes at FIS including an introduction to French and a chance to taste a Kings’ Cake.

Every student from Shanghai was able to experience life in a French speaking family in Hong Kong; they will each in turn welcome an FIS student to their home in a few weeks’ time. They even sent Thank You cards after their visit.

Thank you to all our colleagues who took part in this exchange, especially Mrs Bouvéron-Kao who has been at the heart of this initiative for many years.