Battle of the Books (BOB) - Primary

This is a reading competition (with an emphasis on fun) - students read 20 books and then the battles commence!

The Y6s will compete against BOB teams from other International Schools.  The Y5s will battle inter-class and with the Y6s in what we class as ‘friendly matches’.

Sample questions (from previous years) are:

In which book does a boy find secret passageways, warnings and danger in the century old place his family had moved into?

Answer:  The House of Dies Drear by Virginia Hamilton

In which book does a boy dream of being taken to school by his father in a tractor trailer truck?

Answer:  Dear Mr Henshaw, by Beverly Clearly.

The answer is ALWAYS this format – the title of the book and the author.

BOB is fun and we encourage everyone to give it a go – there is no pressure to join and no obligation to stay if a child decides not to continue.  Ms Duggan will talk to students after half term break with regards to BOB and how to sign up.

You can check out the BOB booklist for 2017-2018 here or come to the library and start borrowing the books now!