Bus & Canteen

The French International School aims to provide quality services to its students:
  • A nut-free school for the safety and health of all our students
  • A canteen with balanced meals for students on each campus
  • A school bus service is also offered by external providers

Should you wish to use the bus services, please contact the bus company directly to inquire and register.

The school restaurant

The school restaurants provide registered children with a proper and balanced meal. They also play an educational role on food, hygiene, manners and community life.

Everyday a complete and balanced meal composed of five essential elements is provided for students from reception to secondary school.
Click here for the details of the menu
From Reception to Year 2, children are served at the table with a single main course. From Year 3, kids help themselves from the self-service station.

For those who do not wish to register for the canteen, they can bring their own lunch box .

Parents have the choice to register and/or unsubscribe from the canteen before the start of each trimestre, through the parent portal. For more details please refer to « Canteen 2017/18 Tariffs » document


Parents will be asked to choose the lunch box option for any child with special dietary requirements. FIS will not accept any liability in the event of an accident / incident that results from failure to comply with this request.

Parents must set up a Personalised Medical Plan (PMP) with the Health Assistants and the Head of Campus for children with severe allergies requiring emergency medical treatment in case of accidental ingestion. 

For any specific request, please contact the school services office of your child’s campus.

A canteen committee has been set up to provide basic information and coordination between parents, Sodexo and FIS. Email your thoughts, questions and ideas to: cantine-feedback@lfis.edu.hk

We remind you that our school has made a commitment to be a nut-free zone for the safety and health of all our students.

NO NUTS OR FOOD CONTAINING NUTS are to be brought to any FIS campus or on any school trips.

School buses

School bus services are available for FIS families who wish to enroll. 

FIS works with different companies according to the campus and the geographical location of your home. The school bus itineraries are prepared by the bus company and offer a service matching school hours. The pick-up time is defined at the beginning of the school year.

Registration is directly with the bus companies.

For bus companies contact details, please refer to the 'Bus Companies List' document on the right side of the page.

A parent bus committee has been set up to provide basic information and coordination between parents and bus companies. Email your thoughts, questions and ideas to: bus-feedback@lfis.edu.hk


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