Introducing FIS

Our mission

At FIS, we are a multicultural school, offering diverse curricula built upon values of global mindedness, critical thinking and personal development.

Our mission is to energise young minds, prepare independent and compassionate life-long learners and inspire our students to achieve their full potential.

We reach our goals by providing a collaborative and stimulating bilingual learning environment where all members of our community are valued and respected.

Our vision

Our students
Spirited & Confident

At FIS, our students are nurtured to develop intellectual curiosity and creativity. They are encouraged to advance their own critical thinking and set of values based on global mindedness and appreciation of others.

Our curricula provide our students with pedagogical opportunities to grow their self-confidence and acquire enduring and transferable skills.

Our essence is to bring forth proactive learners, willing to be academically challenged to achieve their highest potential, enhance their life options and thrive with resilience.

Our students are furthermore invited to be active participants in the community through a commitment to service, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our team
Talented & Supportive

Our team members have the shared goal of making our students successful, by taking into consideration each learner’s individuality.

Our professionals are recruited for their expertise. We seek a diverse group of specialists dedicated to elevating our student’s learning process with empathy and support while also acting as role models.

FIS offers continuous professional development to ensure our pedagogical team is apprised of the latest learning trends.

We foster collaborative work by enabling the sharing of best practices among our teachers from the French and the international streams.

Our learning environment
Academic & Collaborative

At FIS, we focus on the physical and emotional wellbeing of our students, so they can learn and blossom, by feeling safe in their environment.

French and English bilingualism is the heart of our learning excellence; and with its most recent campus in Tseung Kwan 0, FIS features architectural possibilities that embody innovative pedagogical concepts.

In addition to the French curriculum approved by the French ministry of education, both streams offered by FIS are accredited by recognised and highly valued educational institutions worldwide.

For a holistic development, we offer a rich and varied selection of extra-curricular activities designed for our student’s personal growth and pleasure.

Our Community
Diverse & engaged

Our dynamic community brings people together; we gather around events hosted to celebrate and inspire FIS students throughout the year.

Our community is committed to interacting with respect and care for each other, aligned with the FIS code of conduct guidelines. We do, as well, show our appreciation of the culture of our host city, Hong Kong.

We recognise that positive and supportive parental involvement contributes to the success of our students, and a wide range of volunteer opportunities are accessible to parents.

Our community is honoured to have generous long-term partners supporting FIS projects and fundraising activity.

Our governance
United and sound

FIS is a non-profit association established in 1963 under the Hong Kong company ordinance law. All debenture holders are members of the association, represented by an elected board of directors who themselves appoint the board chair. The Consul general of France in Hong Kong and Macau acts as the honorary president of the association.

The responsibility of the board is strategic, by ensuring FIS’s long-term financial stability and defining the school’s vision.

The board empowers and delegates authority to the leadership team to design and deliver the school’s pedagogy and development plan aligned with the vision, taking into consideration the interests of the FIS community.

Building trust is at the heart of our governance. Solid policies, risk management and transparency are key to the school framework.

Our history

Over 50 years of excellence in education


FIS started with only 30 students when engineers and technicians from French companies came to build the Shek Pik dam


FIS was the first international school to offer Mandarin classes in Hong Kong


FIS established a new campus at Jardine’s Lookout and opened the International Stream


FIS became the first international school in Hong Kong to be awarded World IB School status


Newly constructed Blue Pool Road Campus opened


Chai Wan campus opened


New state of the art eco-campus at Tseung Kwan O opened


IPC Accreditation