Mandarin and Chinese Culture Enrichment Programme

5 July 2022News

Dear Parents

We are offering an enrichment program in mandarin this coming September 2022, (MCC: Mandarin and Chinese Culture) for all students enrolled in mandarin in 6e, 5e,4e,3e.

This program is aimed at motivated students, eager to progress while learning more about Chinese culture and civilization, thus creating a smooth path through our ‘’Parcours des langues’’, should they wish to enrol into the Oriental Section in high school in later years, to prepare the ‘’Oriental Section’’ specialty for their French General Baccalaureate.

During MCC classes, students will be able to improve their Mandarin while taking part into different class activities such as drama, Chinese movies, storytelling, legends, poetry, songs, history, geography, and festivals. (Indeed, we noticed this year a huge improvement in mandarin proficiency among the participants).

This program will fit right within the regular timetable of the students this year and is compatible with the LCE option, but SIA students will not be able to participate due to timetable unfeasibility.

Best Regards from the Mandarin Department

尊敬的学生家长 :

您现在可以为即将进入 6e、5e、4e、3e 年级的孩子注册 2022 新学年的 MCC 课程。(MCC 是为普通话班的学生提供的兼语言强化及中国文化的课程)。

本课程针对积极进取、渴望进步的汉语学生,同时让他们更多地了解中国文化和中华文明,从而帮助学生在 “Parcours des langues 外语学习路径” 中开辟一条顺畅的道路。学生们可以在进入高中时顺利衔接“Section Orientale 东方部”,为他们的法国普通学士学位“东方部选修课”做更好的专业准备。

今年的 MCC 在参与学生中取得了巨大的成功,注册学生的汉语水平有大幅提高。MCC课程设置目标是让学生通过沉浸式活动如戏剧、电影、文学、诗歌、历史、地理和中华传统等等,一方面大幅度提高他们的普通话水平,另一方面深入了解中国文化传统。

明年 MCC 上课时间是学生的常规时间表,并且与 LCE 选项兼容,但 SIA 学生将无法参加。请您查看附件中的详细课程内容。



Classes 1èr trimestre /1st Term 2e trimestre /2nd Term 3e trimestre /3rd Term
6ème Littérature jeunesse/Juvenile literature 儿童文学+ Personnage célèbre 名家 A famous character Les 4 grandes Inventions + Fêtes chinoises The 4 great inventions 四大发明+ 传统节日 Théâtre et/ ou cinéma et/ou chansons Drama, cinema,songs 话剧、电影、歌曲
5ème Géographie chinoise et mondiale/China and world geography 中国地理和世界地理 Littérature chinoise/Chinese literature 寓言和成语故事+ Fêtes chinoise/Chinese festivals 传统节日 Théâtre , cinéma et/ou chansons. Drama, cinema,songs 话剧、电影、歌曲
4ème Histoire chinoise et/ou personnage historique + influence culturelle sur le continent asiatique 中国历史或历史人物+ 对亚洲地区的文化影响 Study of China history and/or a historical figure and the influence of Chinese culture in Asia. Littérature chinoise/Chinese literature 寓言和成语故事+ Fêtes chinoises 传统节日 Chinese festivals Théâtre et/ou cinéma et/ou chansons Drama, cinema,songs 话剧、电影、歌曲
3ème Histoire de dynasties chinoises + un personnage historique 历史朝代+ 古代名人 History of some dynasties and one historical figure. Les villes chinoises 中国城市 + littérature chinoise 寓言和成语故事+ Fêtes chinoises 传统节日 Chinese cities, literature,festivals. Théâtre et/ou cinéma et/ou chansons Drama, cinema,songs 话剧、电影、歌曲
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