FIS Achieves IEYC Accreditation

27 May 2022News

Our team Talented and supportive

Last week, we received our IEYC accreditation award for our early year’s curriculum for both our JL and TKO Campus. We are thrilled to be IEYC and IPC accredited as this means we are one of a very few schools to achieve this globally.

During the week, we had three international school leaders who visited RC and NS on distance learning lessons, met with parents, interviewed all early years staff and examined our school self-evaluation evidence and documentation. A huge congratulations to everyone involved, as it’s a real community effort. A special thank you to Melissa Payne, Charlotte Sizer and all the staff in our early years!

During a community meeting, parents shared that through the IEYC and the focus on developing international mindedness, they too are developing a better understanding and appreciation of diversity.

– IEYC Accreditation Report, 2022

Leaders build a culture with teachers, learners and community to ensure the vision has impact on aspects of school life and beyond.

– IEYC Accreditation Report, 2022

During a community meeting, one parents shared, how the IEYC and the school is really helping her child develop confidence. Her Early Years child is able to talk with purpose, at the end of each day, about what she learned and what she is excited about.

– IEYC Accreditation Report, 2022

…the rapport between learners and teachers was evident, teachers modelled a nurturing approach towards learners which is central to the school’s philosophy.

– IEYC Accreditation Report, 2022

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