In the footsteps of Sun Yat-sen

Adapted from the article written by Ewann, 6eme F group.

The Sun Yat-sen Historical Trail is a walk which goes through the city, from Hong Kong University on Bonham Road, to Wellington Street in Central.

Having worked on Hong Kong and Sun Yat-sen’s life, the 6èmes students of English researched the trail and prepared brochures to inform each other about each stop. A few weeks before break time, the students were finally ready to go on the walk…

The Sun Yat-sen walk is a very interesting trail where you can see where he studied, learn about who helped him plot coups against the Qing Dynasty - and who got murdered for it! It reveals his life journey and career in medicine. Our stops were in streets which already existed a hundred years ago, and now we can see statues or buildings there. We all enjoyed the discoveries.

A real tribute to the man who changed the political life of China forever!