Primary Inter-House Sports Day

On 25 January, Mr Atkinson organised a sports day with lots of different events for all students.

Every child was a winner at our recent inter house sports day. The whole school community came to together at Kowloon Cricket Club, to take part in our friendly inter house event. The atmosphere was fun and the parent cheers could be heard all over Kowloon!  The staff and children greatly appreciated the parental support.

A big thanks to all our budding parent athletes who took to the tracks too!

Sports Day Review

On 25 January, Mr Atkinson organised a sports day. The whole Primary had different events to participate in - we had to collect house points. The teams were Dragons, Tigers, Pandas and Dolphins. First, we got split up into our house groups and we had snacks to get some energy. It was so cold, we felt like we were ice blocks. There were numerous events going on but we will just tell you about our experiences.


The first event we did was the high jump. It was super laughable because some people fell over - don't worry they didn't get hurt! The next event was the long jump. I found the long jump was very entertaining because I enjoyed watching other people jump very far. There were many activities like javelin, shot put, tug of war etc. The total score was the amount of house points we got in each event. There were many different races and, if you came first second or third, you got a rosette.


After those tiring activities, we finally got to sit down and have some lunch. Everyone was exhausted yet excited because the ceremony was coming up next. After we finished our delicious lunch, we all went to sit down in a grassy area for the announcement of which house team had won!

Mr Phillips came up first to say a huge thank you to Mr Atkinson. Then, Mr Atkinson came up with some of the Year six students to announce the scores and the winner. Pandas… Tigers… Dolphins… Dragons… and the winners were TIGERS - we were filled with pride and victory!

By Henrietta and Louie - Tigers Captains