A celebration of Poetry!

Primary International Stream winners at the French Speaking Competition.

Poésie en Fête part 2!

Congratulations to all our Primary International Stream students who took part in the French Speech Competition.

Saturday 18 November, a group of Year 6 students, Les héroines, won the first place in the chorale contest, performing a poem by Paul Fort “Le Bonheur est dans le pré.”

We also had many participants for the prose reading contest with great performances and winners:

  • Yr 6 Girls: 1st Katreesa Lam
  • Yr 6 Boys: 2nd Advik Sharma
  • Yr 5 Girls: 1st Raquel Abdallah; 2nd Bianca Rowley
  • Yr 3 Girls: 1st Ria Jain; 2nd Vivienne Abdallah; 3rd Jacqueline Li

Poésie en Fête part 1!

On Saturday 4 November, 35 students from Year 3 to Year 6 participated in the Solo Poetry contest at the French Speech Competition, organized by AFLE. They learnt a poem in French and performed in public in front of students from different schools, parents and a jury. Congratulations to all of them for their brilliant performances and to the 18 FIS International Stream Primary students who got a spot on the podium!

First place for 4 students in Y3 and Y5: Margaret, Ria, Sarah and Dylan!

  • Yr 3 Text A: 1st Margaret Lam; 2nd Karina Taylor
  • Yr 3 Text B: 1st Ria Jain; 2nd Jacqueline Li; 3rd Elena Kuna
  • Yr 4: 3rd Angelina Chu
  • Yr 4 Francophone: 2nd Nina Martin and Quentin Kai; 3rd Sophie Mo
  • Yr 5 Text A: 1st Dylan Deegan; 2nd Karina Farquhar
  • Yr 5 Text B: 1st Sarah Hussain; 2nd Bianca Rowley
  • Yr 5 / Yr 6 Francophones: 2nd Katreesa Lam; 3rd Youssef Azzouz, Josephine Garnier and Marguerite Frouin
  • Yr 6 Boys: 2nd Leon Sikora

More information about the competition here

Next contest will be on 18 November at the Jardine’s Lookout campus for Chorale and solo prose reading!

Good Luck!