Beach Clean-up in Peng Chau – CW

On 30 November, 10 classes CM1 and CM2 from Chai Wan cleaned up the beaches on Peng Chau Island.

Each group was asked to use the waste collected to create "land art" - an artwork in a natural environment made from natural or artificial materials found.

We have created some great art work! Some groups went for colourful arrangements, and others brought together materials of the same kind. There were realistic representations of fish, crabs, pirate ships, and there were also more abstract ones like a sundial, and Poseidon, God of the Sea etc.

The beaches were covered with rubbish. We mainly found pieces of Styrofoam boxes because local fishermen use these for their catch and they are easily blown away by the wind from the decks of their boats. There were also personal hygiene items, plastic bottles etc. As a general rule, I would say that lots of these things would not be found in the sea if people were better educated about environmental protection.”

The afternoon was set aside for outdoor games and activities. The group of 230 children and 32 adults gathered 600kg of rubbish from the 5 beaches on the northern side of the island.

A day like this allows us to raise our awareness of environmental protection while having fun. We learnt that everything we throw into the sea takes a long time to decompose and pollutes our coastline. It is very dangerous for marine animals which consume the plastic and can be poisoned or suffocated to death. We also had the chance to team up with students from other classes and make new friends.

See the full report (in French) in the attached document.