Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Secret Ocean

Students in CM1 C and D at Chai Wan attended a screening of the film Jean-Michel Cousteau's "Secret Ocean" on Thursday 9 November, 2017.

This film gave students the opportunity to discover an underwater universe in all its glory and understand its delicate balance.  Narrated by Sylvia Earle, the film presents an interesting look at the food chain in our oceans, from phytoplankton to larger sea animals.

Jean-Michel Cousteau follows in the footsteps of his father Jacques Cousteau, the famous naval officer, explorer, conservationist, and filmmaker, devoting his life to educating the public about the importance of our oceans.  Watching this film provides a wonderful opportunity to discuss the value of even the smallest life and the role the ocean plays in our survival.

You can watch this movie at the Hong Kong Space Museum until 28 February 2018.