CE2 Classes from Jardine’s Learn to Ice Skate!

Since the middle of May, all five CE2 classes from Jardine’s Lookout have had the opportunity to continue with the ice skating lessons which they began in CE1.

Last year, the Aberdeen Marina Club agreed to host our five CE1 classes from Jardine’s for three lessons each in May and June, with each lesson beginning at 9am and lasting one hour. Combined with last year’s lessons, current CE2 students have been able to improve their skating skills quite significantly.

Ice skating, or simply ‘skating’ as Canadians call it, provides students with a number of benefits. To begin with skating is a lot of FUN! At first it may seem a daunting task for a beginner, but once they are in their skates gliding about on the ice that fear soon turns to pure enjoyment and a thrilling experience. Skating provides a very different context in Hong Kong to socialize and develop skills that carry over to most sports and activities – first and foremost a child’s self-confidence. Confident students have the world in the palm of their hands and can achieve anything they set their minds to. Furthermore, skating is excellent for improving balance, physical fitness and coordination – all essential elements to a child’s growth and development in any physical activity.

All lessons were coached by CE2 class teacher, Darren Hynes, and on occasion Ryan McClenaghan, AMC Skating Coach, along with the support of the class teachers and volunteer parents. When students see their parents on the ice it adds even more excitement to their experience.

In Hong Kong there are a number of rinks that provide public skating (as well as coaches) – Cityplaza Ice Palace in Tai Koo Shing, Elements at ICC, MegaBox in Kowloon Bay, and of course private clubs such as the Aberdeen Marina Club.

For more information on ice skating or any other great Canadian traditions please contact Darren at