FIS chosen for ADN-AEFE pilot programme

ADN is the first school exchange programme that allows students to experience the richness and diversity of the AEFE network.

It offers students from the French Stream the opportunity to enrich their educational journey through the discovery of another country and another culture, as well as immersion in a new family, school and linguistic environment. The ADN project is supported by the AGORA platform, which is now available to all French schools within the network.

The French International School of Hong Kong is very proud to be one of the 15 pilot schools chosen across the 5 continents to test the implementation of this ADN-AEFE programme this year.

From January 2018, eight “Seconde” students will have a unique experience: they will be schooled for 4 to 6 weeks in another French school. They will be the ambassadors of FIS and as such they have been selected by an internal committee. They will return to Hong Kong enriched by their experiences and with an educational project (blog, photos, videos ...) that they will share with their classmates.

This year’s destinations are the French schools of Athens, Bogota, Lisbon, Madrid, Rabat and Valencia.

The majority of our students have chosen the “pair exchange” option: the students will be immersed in each of the schools and host families.

The opening ceremony was held on Wednesday 14 December in the presence of the Headmaster, Mr David Tran and the AEFE - Asia Pacific Coordinator Mr Bruno Valery.

To follow the journey of our eight ADN ambassadors, please visit the platform from January 2018 !