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Interview of Matteo, FIS student involved in the Gala

Matteo has been involved in the Gala since he was in 4eme. Now in Terminale, this student shines a spotlight on the team spirit which has been at the centre of the Gala organisation for several years.

He mentions the high emotions during the Couture fashion show but also those taking part in the silent auctions.

Matteo will be involved with his friends again for 2018 – join them! Take part in the Gala 2018 adventure as a volunteer for the evening.  See you 2 March 2018 at the Hong Kong Football Club.

There’s a real sense of pride taking part in the FIS Gala


What is your best memory of the Gala 2017?

The Couture fashion show! There was such an amazing atmosphere in the room – parents were so proud to see their children on the catwalk.  There was a real feeling of unity and pride.

Three of my good friends were on the stage in Couture. It was Christian Soulard, the Headmaster’s, last year at FIS and he was so proud of the students’ creations. It was really emotional. 

Otherwise, I loved people outbidding one another through the silent auctions. They really got into it and it was terrific.

You have been involved in several galas and have recruited volunteers. What advantages can this experience bring for you on a professional level?

Managing a team, managing a project – it’s team work. I handled student coordination and it’s important for me to ensure that everybody is feeling good, respects their break times and recovers. Know how to manage yourself, present yourself and the school’s image.

If you had just one thing to say to a student who would like to volunteer …

This commitment doesn’t take up a lot of time. Furthermore, it’s an evening you have to experience! There are no words to describe it. You feel a real sense of pride when you take part. 

To join the 2018 team, please contact